Duck DNA

We take pride in our multicultural and diverse team, who come together with the common purpose of helping online shoppers save on their spending. As a team, we are open to learning and helping one another grow in our endeavours. If you’re interested in being a part of the Saleduck team, head on over to our Jobs page to find out more!

Sjoerd Copier


Petra Van Rongen


Olivia Ajong

Marketing & Operations Manager Asia

Jacob Trummer

Team Lead & Country Manager - AT & CHDE

Cecilia Harjadan

Country Manager - Indonesia

Napas Kornvipasruang

Country Manager - Thailand

Michelle Gan

Country Manager - Malaysia & Singapore

Zang Loo Wai Chong

IT - Developer

JP Yadav

IT - Developer

Jeanette Stetler

Country Manager - Denmark & Sweden

Koen Reijnders

Marketing Manager (PPC)

Saranda Chidmanee

Junior Marketing - Thailand

Muhammad Abrar

Junior Marketing - Indonesia


Intern - Malaysia & Singapore


Intern - Indonesia

Susilawati Sinurat

Intern - Malaysia & Singapore

Mieke Spoormans

Country Manager - Belgium (BENL)

Elif Keskin

Country Manager - BEFR + CHFR

Nathalie Bhoyrub

Country Manager - BEFR + CHFR

Jorge Barbosa

Marketing Manager (PPC)