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The website provides information about DiDi, a ridesharing service available in Australia. Users can learn about the benefits of using DiDi and how to sign up as a driver or passenger.

Didi promo codes in Australia for April 2024

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DiDi Delivery: Reliable Service (15% off on First Delivery)

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  1. To enter your promo code for DiDi, simply open your mobile app and select the Menu bottom in the top left corner.

  2. Here, you will see several options listed including My Trips, Payment, and more. At the very bottom you will see Promotions.

  3. Enter your promo code and click Apply (as seen below). Your promo code will be applied and your discount will be deducted from your next ride.

  4. You’re done!


Free Rides To Vaccinations

DiDi is going the extra mile for Australians who are receiving the COVID-19 vaccine during Phase 1 by offering safe, reliable, and discounted rides to selected vaccination hubs. Simply check your eligibility and apply for DiDi’s Vaccinate program via the mobile app.

Invite Friends

If you’re an existing user of DiDi, you can receive free rides for every friend you refer to use DiDi. Simply invite them using your unique code, and you can get $15 for each friend you refer (they will also get $15).


To pay for your DiDi, simply open your mobile app and enter in your card details. Currently, DiDi supports all valid Debit Cards, Credit Cards, and PayPal. DiDi does not support any cash payments.

COVID-19 Safety

DiDi is ensuring the safety of riders and drivers by encouraging practicing social distancing and good hygiene. Riders must sit in the backseat to increase the physical distance between rider and driver, dispose of tissues properly, carry hand sanitiser to use after touching objects or surfaces of the vehicle, avoiding rideshare if presenting flu-like symptoms, and wearing a surgical mask if returning from an overseas trip.

Safety for Female Drivers

Currently, DiDI allows female drivers to pick and choose the gender of riders they pick up, to increase safety for drivers who are feeling unsafe about driving at night. They have plans to launch a service that allows female riders to be paired with female drivers over the next five years.

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People also want to know

Yes, with UNIDays, students can get 10% off their next ten rides. For instant access to the student discount, simply register and verify your student status with UniDays. You can then start using your discount immediately!
If you’ve lost an item you can report it to DiDi Support using the mobile app. Alternatively, you can contact the support team at [email protected]. Make sure you have your trip details ready so your driver can be contacted to arrange the return of your item.
If you’d like to cancel your request for a ride, simply tap ‘Cancel Trip’ on the mobile app. However, you won’t be able to cancel once the trip has started. Cancellation fees may apply in some cases (every city has their own cancellation rules, which you can view in-app).
There are several ways fares are calculated, including base fare, distance fare, time fare, short distance fees, and GST and other relevant taxes. There may also be other charges including tolls, State Government Transport Levy, CTP Insurance Premium, waiting fees, cancellation fees, and changes to the base fare because of Dynamic Pricing periods.
You can update your pickup point by tapping ‘Edit Pickup’ or you can contact your driver directly by using the call icon to let them know. If you are still unable to, you can cancel and request another ride. Your destination can be updated by tapping ‘Update Destination’.
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DiDi Australia is part of the world's leading transportation platform DiDi Chuxing, offering users a full range of app-based transportation services. The service is used by more than 600 million people across Asia, Latin America, and Russia, ranging from taxi-hailing, private car-hailing, ridesharing, bus, bikes & e-bikes, designated driving, automobile solutions, delivery, freight and logistics, and financial services.

In Australia, there are plenty of challenges that the community and the transport industry face with the evolution of urban mobility, and so DiDi is aiming to create the freedom and convenience to go places. The dedicated team at DiDi understand the rideshare industry well and are helping Australians move freely around their cities.

DiDi is currently available in 28 cities across Australia, providing riders with low fares every day while providing quality service. The company has enjoyed great response from customers, and has been rated by consumers as the best ridesharing service in Australia, winning Canstar Blue's Most Satisfied Customer Ridesharing 2020 Award. DiDi was also the only rideshare to receive five stars across all categories including reliability, customer service, cleanliness, and value for money.

Getting You To Your Destination

DiDi's everyday low fares means that you can let your dollar travel further, and their quick and reliable service means that your ride will be ready in minutes. Additionally, their safety first protocols mean that you get extra peace of mind when you ride with DiDi. All drivers are pre-screened so you can feel secure in every ride, and there are added safety features built-in as well as pay as you go with secure cashless payments.

DiDi also has an average industry-leading Services Fee, meaning that every ride taken with DiDi allows Australian rideshare drivers to earn more of the fare.

Rides For Any Occasion

You can tailor your ride on DiDi for any occasion, so if you check your app you can see what's available in your city. For quick and affordable everyday rides for up to two people, Express cars are available. For a more spacious ride for up to four people, Max cars are an affordable and spacious option (this is great if you have extra luggage). Share cars are available for those who want to get matched with others travelling in the same direction as them to split the cost, where you can save up to 40% on a ride. There are also discounted rides during off-peak times, which are up to 20% cheaper than DiDi Express rides.

In their mission to build a better journey for all, DiDi is hoping to become a global leader in the revolution in transportation, and become the world's largest one-stop transportation platform and operator of vehicle networks. With a huge presence in not just Australia but the world, the company is well on their way to providing their excellent service for customers worldwide. DiDi is also taking precautions and monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely, and taking action to ensure the maximum safety of both riders and drivers, and are prepared to take action as needed.

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