Duck DNA

We take pride in our multicultural and diverse team, who come together with the common purpose of helping online shoppers save on their spending. As a team, we are open to learning and helping one another grow in our endeavours. If you’re interested in being a part of the Saleduck team, head on over to our Jobs page to find out more!

Domingo Karsten


Luc van der Blij

Sales Manager

Ajay Singh

Full stack developer

Petra Van Rongen


Jana Fronzeck

Digital Brand Manager

Tina Anema

HR Manager

Sirio Küpper

Data & PPC

Romee Linnekamp

Country Manager - Belgium

Christian Palle Krog-Meyer

Country Manager - Denmark

Eloïse Estrade

Country Manager - Belgium & Switzerland

Ilona Virkkunen

Country Manager - Finland

Joyce Engels

Online Editor - Belgium

Olivia Szliwka

Junior Marketing - Belgium & Switzerland

Bianca Schomburg

Junior Marketing - Austria & Switzerland

Marie Caspari

Junior Marketing - Austria & Switzerland

Alexandra Mugnier

Junior Marketing - Belgium & Switzerland

Linnea Sellberg

Junior Marketing - Sweden

Leon van Essen

Junior Marketing - Belgium

Emma Wille Olsson

Junior Marketing - Denmark

Sjoerd Copier

Managing Director Asia

Olivia Ajong

Marketing & Operations Manager Asia

Cecilia Harjadan

Country Manager - Indonesia

JP Yadav

Full stack developer

Zang Loo Wai Chong

Full stack developer

Izzuddin Latip

Country Manager - Philippines & Singapore

Leanna Seah

Country Manager - Malaysia & Singapore

Arafat Rahman

Technical Lead

Trinh Đỗ

Country Manager - Vietnam

Unchisa Sirisumpun

Country Manager - Thailand

Stijn van Wichen

Intern - Asia

Giri Raj

Intern - Asia